Identifying orphaned capacity

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Orphaned capacity is defined by configuration or by performance. Storage orphaned by configuration occurs when storage is allocated to a host, but configuration errors result in the host not able to access the storage. Orphaned by performance results when the storage is correctly configured to be accessed by a host, but there is no storage traffic.

You can identify orphaned storage using Cloud Insights. Create a query to identify the volumes or <what else look at Kurt’s blog> that have not reported I/O data over an extended period of time.


  1. Performance characteristics, such as utilization, or IOPS, of Arrays, disk pools, disks, volumes

  2. to identify resources that are under utilized or not used at all. These assets might

  1. In the Cloud Insights menu, click Queries > New Query

  2. In the Search For menu, select Volumes

  3. Click + > Is Active

  4. Click Any and change it to No
    +The system displays volumes that have had no I/O for 'some period of time"