Architecture overview for cloud services on NetApp HCI

Contributors amgrissino

NetApp HCI along with NetApp Kubernetes Service enables you to deploy your applications as you would with a public cloud provider—all in a self-service mode. This enables you to treat your datacenter as a deployable region of your multi-cloud.

Architecture image for NetApp HCI


The following components are used for cloud services on NetApp HCI:

  • NetApp Deployment Engine: Deploys NetApp HCI.

  • NetApp HCI management node: Establishes a connection to NetApp Cloud Central and authenticates and registers the NetApp HCI installation to a Cloud Central account. You can use the management node also to update management service bundles.

  • NetApp Hybrid Cloud Control: Deploys and configures NetApp HCI Element and enables cloud services on NetApp HCI.

  • NetApp Kubernetes Service agent: Maintains a communication tunnel between NKS and NetApp HCI, creates user clusters, and maintains deployed cloud services.

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