Real-time analytics with NetApp Cloud Insights

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You can quickly ascertain the health of your cloud services on NetApp HCI with NetApp Cloud Insights.


NetApp Cloud Insights monitors compute, network, storage stack and application statuses for multi-vendor, heterogenous services and now provides analytics on many cloud services, including on NetApp HCI.

You can see information like this:

  • Number of Kubernetes clusters

  • Number of pods

  • Network throughput

  • Cluster latency

  • CPU utilization on virtual machines

  • IOPs

  • and much more

The Cloud Insights Dashboard

This NetApp Cloud Insights Dashboard shows analytics for NetApp Kubernetes Service clusters and pods.
Cloud Insights dashboard image

A unique NetApp HCI Data Collector

Each vendor for which Cloud Insights provides analytics has its own Data Collector running on a central Acquisition Unit that connects with and collects stack metrics. Similarly, Cloud Insights employs a unique Data Collector for NetApp HCI. Getting a new Data Collector deployed is easy with a task of less than a minute.
Enter just the Data Collector-specific information in a web form and then the Data Collector is up and running.

Cloud Insights Data Collector for NetApp HCI

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