What happens when you enable Cloud Volumes on NetApp HCI?

Contributors amgrissino

When you enable Cloud Volumes on NetApp HCI using Hybrid Cloud Control, several events occur in NetApp Fabric Orchestrator, the interface you use to create and manage cloud volumes.

  • NetApp HCI initiates an API call that creates a new organization (workspace) in Fabric Orchestrator. The organization is the same organization used in NetApp Kubernetes Service.

    Cloud Volumes is a Kubernetes application that runs in the NetApp Kubernetes Service service cluster.

  • The Cloud Central account used during installation in NetApp Hybrid Cloud Control becomes the owner assigned to the Fabric Orchestrator organization.

  • The region in NetApp Kubernetes Service becomes the same region in the Fabric Orchestrator organization.

  • Within the datacenter in vCenter, a new folder called "NetApp-HCI-CloudVolumeFoundation" is created. This folder contains the cluster and deployment VMs.

  • Cloud Volumes installs the port groups required in vCenter. The following three networks are created:

    • NetApp-HCI-CVF-Cluster

    • NetApp-HCI-CVF-Mgmt

    • NetApp-HCI-CVF-Storage

  • Cloud Volumes creates the following datastores, which should not be modified:

    • NetApp-HCI-CVF-Deploy-DS

    • NetApp-HCI-CVF-Cluster-DS-01

    • NetApp-HCI-CVF-Cluster-DS-02

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