Types of cloud services on NetApp HCI

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The following NetApp cloud services are supported on NetApp HCI.

  • NetApp Kubernetes Service: You must use NetApp Kubernetes Service (NKS), a SaaS platform that enables you to deploy a Kubernetes cluster in the cloud with the major cloud providers and also with NetApp private cloud. This is required to enable cloud services on NetApp HCI. This service is installed as VMs on a NetApp HCI compute node or nodes. Available in Preview mode.

  • NetApp Cloud Volumes: To manage Cloud Volumes on NetApp HCI, select this service. This service offers an on-demand shared file systems feature on your premises. The Cloud Volumes option will enable Data Fabric replication to and from public clouds. Cloud Volumes on NetApp HCI can be deployed only on a vCenter with a single datacenter. Available in Preview mode.

  • NetApp Cloud Insights: This service will enable you to monitor cloud services on NetApp HCI. Coming soon.

NetApp Fabric Orchestrator provides a centralized storage and data management control plane for fabric-wide, multi-cloud visibility, monitoring, policies, administration and workflow orchestration for NetApp storage systems on-premises and in the cloud.
Using NetApp Fabric Orchestrator, you can discover, manage, and govern your storage assets and data estate, anywhere. Use Fabric Orchestrator to create and manage Cloud Volumes on NetApp HCI.

Using Fabric Orchestrator, you can enable these services:

  • Cloud Volumes on NetApp HCI: NetApp HCI provides the platform for the NetApp Kubernetes Service and Cloud Volumes. This documentation provides information only on this service.

  • Cloud Volumes Service for On Premises: This option is a fully managed private cloud storage service that is available for customers within their own on-premises data centers. NetApp configures and manages your infrastructure so you don‘t have to. This alternate storage consumption model offers high-performance storage for customers and partners wanting a cloud-like OPEX billing model managed by our NetApp cloud operations experts.

Notice of functional preview

NetApp Kubernetes Service and Cloud Volumes on NetApp HCI are presently available as a functional preview. While in preview, the services are only for non-production environments and noncommercial use. By participating in the preview, participants agree to be bound by the cloud services terms of service.

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