Create cloud volumes using Cloud Volumes Service

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After you create your Kubernetes cluster, you typically want to add cloud volumes to the cluster.
These cloud volumes will reside on NetApp HCI.

About this task

You can access NetApp Cloud Volumes Service in several ways:
* Directly from NetApp Kubernetes Service
* From NetApp Cloud Central
* From any NetApp Cloud service

  1. Open a web browser and log in to NetApp Cloud Central.

  2. Access the NetApp Kubernetes Service.

  3. From the NetApp Kubernetes Service, click the NetApp icon in the upper left to show the NetApp Cloud Central services list.

    NetApp Cloud Central menu image

  4. Click Cloud Volumes Service.
    + The Cloud Volumes Service Volumes page appears:
    NetApp Cloud Volumes Service - Volumes page image

  5. Click Create New Volume.

  6. On the Volumes page, review the hover text for each field and enter or select the following:

    1. Enter the volume name, service level, and time zone for the volume.

    2. For the provider, choose NetApp Private Cloud.

    3. Choose the region.

  7. Click Create Cloud Volume.


The volume appears in the Volumes page showing the NetApp icon in the Provider column.

For details, see NetApp Cloud Volumes Services information about creating cloud volumes.

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