NetApp HCI with Anthos

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Overview of the on-premise Google Kubernetes Engine environment on NetApp HCI.

Learn more about NetApp HCI.

NetApp Validated Architecture: Design & Deployment Guide

NetApp HCI with Anthos is a fully validated and supported solution. Details of the design and deployment considerations are documented in the NetApp Validated Architecture (NVA).

Demos of Anthos Deployment on NetApp HCI

The following videos demonstrate portions of the capabilities documented in the NVA. For more information on the specific topics, click the Demo link to watch the demo.

  • Deploying an application from the Google Cloud Application Marketplace to Anthos: Demo

  • Dynamic scaling of Kubernetes clusters deployed on Anthos on VMware: Demo

  • Using NetApp Trident to provision and attach a persistent volume to a Kubernetes pod on Anthos: Demo