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This section details the proactive or critical maintenance activities and scheduling to ensure reliable delivery of the NetApp Keystone Flex Subscription service.


NetApp will perform update and maintenance activities for all NetApp provided equipment as required, including:

  • Storage system/operating system upgrades

  • Disk firmware upgrades

  • Shelf firmware upgrades

  • Active IQ Unified Manager updates

  • Operating system and application patching for NetApp Service Engine systems

  • Switch firmware upgrades

Severity Level

The NetApp Keystone Flex Subscription service security levels include:
Flex Subscription servicendard.* Maintenance activity not affecting availability or performance (most).
* Disruptive. Maintenance activity that might affect availability or performance (very few).
* Critical. Maintenance activity that might or might not affect availability or performance but required to be performed at earliest opportunity (rare; for example, related to data corruption).

Notification and Scheduling

  • The KSM communicates activity details and works with the customer to schedule based on severity.

  • For noncritical updates, NetApp provides at least a one-month notice within which to schedule.

  • Due their nature, critical updates (for example, data corruption) must be performed at the earliest opportunity, but within the recommended time frame.

    If a critical update is not scheduled within the recommended time frame, then any decrease in performance or availability will not be counted against performance or service availability SLAs.


Scheduled maintenance down time, if any, will not be counted against performance or service availability SLAs.