NetApp Service Engine

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The NetApp Service Engine web portal provides the means to manage and monitor a NetApp Keystone subscription storage service in a NetApp-, partner-, or customer-operated model. The portal consists of the following features:

  • A graphical interface (NetApp Service Engine web interface) that supports monitoring and simple storage provisioning.

  • A set of Keystone REST APIs that allow more advanced setup and storage management actions.

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The NetApp Service Engine portal is a single interface that allows customers to perform the following tasks:

  • Subscription dashboard. View status of subscribed capacity and how much is being consumed.

  • Storage provisioning. Workflows to create your NFS/CIFS file shares, FC/iSCSI disks, and S3 bucket.

  • Data protection. Create snapshots and set backup policy or data replication on the provisioned file share or disk.

  • Reports. View file shares and disks inventory and also trend on capacity usage against different service levels.

  • Manage subscription. Order additional capacity to an existing subscription or a new service through the portal.

  • Submit service requests or support issues and view their status

The complete functionality of NetApp Service Engine is available only in the NetApp-operated model, in a customer- or partner-operated model, the NetApp Service Engine functionalities are limited to reporting and subscription management.