Modify host group initiators

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You can modify a host group to add, remove or amend initiators.

Modifying a host group will modify access for each disk mapped to the host group.

You cannot modify the alias of an initiator. To change the alias, delete the initiator from the group and then re-create it.


  1. Display the Host Groups list.

  2. Locate the host group in the list and click the Edit icon for that host group.

    To modify an existing initiator, locate the initiator in the list, edit the initiator value and click Update.

    To add an initiator:

    1. click Add Initiator.

    2. Specify the Alias and Initiator.

    3. Click Create.

      To remove an initiator from the host group, locate the initiator in the list and click the Delete icon.

  3. Click Done.