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NetApp Kubernetes Service (NKS) is a universal control plane for creating and managing Kubernetes clusters.

Setup - Add Credentials

After you create an NKS account, one of your first tasks will be to add your provider credentials. Provider credentials are the authorization keys for your account on AWS, NetApp HCI, Azure, and other supported providers. This lets you create clusters on the supported provider of your choice.

Get step-by-step instructions for adding provider credentials for:

Application Lifecycle Management

Application Lifecycle Management provides a developer-friendly git push workflow which lets you deploy your application to an NKS Kubernetes cluster with a simple git push nks master. Apps can be deployed with monitoring and more.

Explore Application Lifecycle Management in our series of guides and step-by-step instructional articles:

NetApp HCI

Get started with NetApp HCI on NKS by reading our guides on the following topics:

Create a Kubernetes Cluster

Now that you have set up your NKS account, it’s time to launch a Kubernetes cluster with our famously easy, "three clicks and done" process.

Learn how to create a cluster at the provider of your choice with our handy guides:

Manage Access

Learn how to use NKS Teams and Workspaces to manage access for your users. NKS lets you set up multiple levels of access, so that you can restrict authorization keys to certain groups of users, prevent users from one group from creating or deleting clusters in another group’s Workspace, and more.

Cluster Lifecycle

You have set up your NKS account, and launched one or more Kubernetes clusters. Now what? Learn more about how to use and extend NKS, and how to automate your NKS workflow with our new Terraform provider.


Interested in doing things programmatically instead of clicking through a UI? Check out our API. We provide full access to the NKS services through the API. Anything you can do in the UI, you can do through the API as well.

See our extensive API documentation for more information:

Requirements and Other Details

The following articles cover specific requirements and other details necessary for the healthy functioning of your NKS account and systems.

More Resources

A collection of links to other useful related resources, including NetApp websites and external documentation sites.

What’s New

Get the latest news and updates on NKS.

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