Add a Node Pool to an NKS cluster

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Learn how to add a node pool to an NetApp Kubernetes Service (NKS) cluster.

A node pool is a group of worker nodes with similar configuration that handle cluster workloads.

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Add Nodes to an Existing Node Pool

From the main Control Plane view, click the Cluster Name to bring up specific cluster details.

NKS cluster details

From that screen click the + ADD WORKER button.

The default node pool can be expanded by adding additional nodes.

Instance type and most other parameters are fixed for existing node pools.

Adjust the number of nodes you wish to add to the node pool.

NKS add node pool dialog

Use the SUBMIT button to apply the changes. You will be returned to the cluster details screen. Notice that the new node provisioning is now in progress.

Create a New Node Pool

If you would like to provision nodes using a different instance type, you’ll need to create a new node pool.

From the cluster detail screen, you’ll click the + ADD WORKER button. Use the Node Pool drop-down to select <Create New>.

NKS add a new node pool dialog

In this example we are adding two t2.medium nodes with 100 GB of disk space each.

NKS add a new node pool configured

Configure the options as desired and then use the SUBMIT button to start provisoning.

NKS add a new node pool configured

Once provisioning completes, the new nodes will be ready to accept workloads.

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