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You can use teams, in conjunction with workspaces, to organize users and restrict their access on your NetApp Kubernetes Service (NKS) account.

  • Each team can have many members.

  • Each workspace can be assigned to many teams.

  • Provider credentials can be restricted to specific workspaces.

As an example, let’s say you have:

  • One group of users who are developing applications for AWS and thus only need access to your AWS credentials.

  • Another group of users who need to be able to launch Kubernetes clusters on GKE and GCE.

  • A third group needs to have access to all of the available provider credentials on your account.

To set this up, create three teams:

  • AWS Developers

  • GKE/GCE Developers

  • All Access

Next, create a workspace for each provider (Amazon, GKE, GCE, and Azure). Assign the appropriate teams to the workspaces:

  • AWS Developers: Assign to the Amazon workspace.

  • GKE/GCE Developers: Assign to the GKE and GCE workspaces.

  • All Access: Assign to all four workspaces.

For instructions on creating a workspace, see our article on this topic.

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Create a Team

To create a team, go to Organization > Teams then click + ADD TEAM.

Add an NKS Team

You will be prompted to set a name for the team, and select the team members. Click Submit to create the team.

Manage Teams

After a team has been created, you can manage it from the Organization > Teams page. Click the Settings icon to edit or delete the team.

Add an NKS Team

To add members to a team, click the Settings icon, then click edit.

Add an NKS Team

In the pop-up window which appears, click to select the members you want to add, then click Submit.

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