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Learn how to add a workspace to an NetApp Kubernetes Service (NKS) cluster.

In NKS a workspace is part of the Organization toolset. A workspace allows us to group Teams and resources found under Setup together. This provides the ability to tailor access to the exact needs of a group of users.

For example, you may want to allow a certain team access to build and manage clusters at one particular hyperscaler. This can be accomplished by creating a workspace for that team (or teams). Then assign specific Provider Credentials to that workspace. The same process can be used to enable or restrict access to other resources found under Setup:

  • Provider Credentials

  • Solution Credentials

  • Storage Credentials

  • VCS (Version Control System) Credentials

  • SSH Keys

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Add a Workspace

Log in to NKS and navigate to Organization → Workspaces. You will see the list of current workspaces displayed.

NKS default workspaces

Click the + ADD WORKSPACE button to bring up the Add Workspace dialog box.

NKS add workspace dialog

You can now add a Workspace Name and choose which Teams will have access to this workspace. In this example, we’ll name it Version 2 and include the New Features and QA teams.

NKS add workspace dialog populated

Pressing the SUBMIT button will create the new workspace and return us to the Workspaces screen. Notice the new workspace Version 2 has been added to the list.

NKS workspaces new

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