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A Package is one of three types of Solutions that can be added to your Application Lifecycle Management Project. Keep reading to find out how to use Packages.

To use this feature, you will need an NKS account. If you don’t have one already, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial with no credit card required at


Packages are Helm charts. You will find a number of commonly-used Packages available to added to your Project. You also have the option to import your own charts from an external repository.

Application Lifecycle Management is currently in Functional Preview mode. To enable this feature you will need to create a new cluster, and "Enable experimental features."
NKS app management

Add a Package

Navigate into your Project details page.

NKS project overview

From the Overview tab, you can scroll down to the Solutions section and then click the + Add Solution button.

NKS add solution

Another option is to switch from the Project Overview tab to the Project Solutions tab and then click the + Add Solution button.

NKS project solutions

Either way, you should end up at the same place.

NKS solutions overview

Click the button labeled + Add A New Package. This will bring up the Select Solution Package page which has its own set of Charts navigation tabs and a Search field.

NKS select solution package

Selecting the Trusted Helm Charts tab displays the galley of included charts.

NKS trusted helm charts

Click on any of the cards to bring up details about it. For example, clicking on the "rethinkdb" card takes us to a screen where we can:

  • Customize the package name.

  • Select a specific version.

  • Customize the values YAML.

NKS configure rethinkdb

Make any desired changes and then press the Create Package button to continue.

It will take a little while for the package to install.

NKS package not ready

The red circle with an ! icon will be replaced by a green circle with a check mark when the package is ready.

NKS package ready

View Installed Packages

Navigate back to Project Name → Solutions → Packages to see the list of installed packages.

NKS installed packages

You can click on the name of the package to bring up its configuration screen. It will look similar to the one used to install the package.

Manage Chart Repos

Navigating back to the Select Solutions Package screen, you will find a button labeled Manage Chart Repos.

NKS select solution package

Pressing that button will begin the process of bringing in your own charts from an external repository. You also have the option of starting the process by navigating through Solutions → My Charts and using the + Import Charts button.

NKS my charts import charts

There is a three step wizard that walks you through the process of importing charts.

NKS my charts three steps

Select Source

The first step has a few options available.

  • You may accept the random name assigned as the Chart Repository Name, or replace it. Be sure to follow the naming requirements. (Lowercase letters, digits, and dashes only.)

  • Use the radio button under Source to specify the repository type. (GitHub or Packaged Charts)

  • Provide the Repository URL.

NKS my charts select source

If the GitHub repository is private, you may check the box and provide credentials to enable access.

NKS my charts private repo

For Packaged Charts, provide the requested URL.

NKS my charts select source

Select Repository

NKS will use the supplied information to verify access to the GitHub Repository or Packaged Charts URL.

NKS my charts review repo

If everything checks out properly, you may continue by pressing the Save Repository button.

The charts will be imported. This process happens fairly quickly, and you are provided with visual feedback in the State column.

NKS my charts save repo

The State column updates from a progress bar to a green circle with white check mark when complete.

NKS my charts repo added

Verify Imported Charts

The imported charts should appear in the Project → Solutions tab when you click the + Add Solution and then + Add a New Package buttons.

The Charts → My Charts tab can be used to filter the display to exclude Trusted Helm Charts.
NKS my charts select solution package

Selecting the chart allows you to configure and install it in a process similar to "Add a Package" described above.

NKS my charts guestbook configuration

More Information

Additional information about Helm charts can be found in the Docs section of the Helm website.

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