Create an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cluster

Contributors ebarcott

Learn how to create a Kubernetes cluster on AWS in three clicks, using NetApp Kubernetes Service (NKS).

To create an Amazon Web Services (AWS) cluster, you will need:

  • A set of AWS credentials.

  • An NKS account.

For more details, see our Requirements page.

Step 1: Add Cluster

Log in to NetApp Kubernetes Service (NKS) and click + ADD CLUSTER.

Create Kubernetes Cluster on AWS

Click the AWS tile to select AWS as a provider.

Create Kubernetes Cluster on AWS

Step 2: Provider Configuration

In this step, you will set your provider configurations. Here you can update any of the following if you wish:

  • Number and size of master and worker nodes.

  • Zone, VPC, and subnet.

  • NKS workspace.

  • GPU support. Click to add the power of NVIDIA Tesla GPUs to your cluster.

  • AWS credentials.

  • SSH keypair.

If everything looks good, click Submit.

Step 3: Cluster Configuration

On the third and final step, you can make any desired changes to your cluster configuration:

  • Update the cluster name.

  • Change the Kubernetes version.

  • Change the OS distribution.

  • Add Solutions to the cluster from our solutions gallery, trusted charts, or add your own Helm chart repo.

When your cluster configurations are ready, click Submit. Your cluster will begin building, and will be ready for use within minutes.