Create a Kubernetes Cluster on Azure

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Learn how to create a Kubernetes cluster on Microsoft Azure using NetApp Kubernetes Service (NKS).

To create an Azure cluster, you will need:

For more details, see our Requirements page.

Step 1: Choose a Provider

Log in to NetApp Kubernetes Service (NKS). Click CLUSTERS then click + ADD CLUSTER.

Create Kubernetes Cluster on Azure

Click the Microsoft Azure tile to select Azure as a provider.

Create Kubernetes Cluster on Azure


  • The cluster build version (Classic or Experimental)

  • SSH credentials

  • The Workspace (if applicable)

  • The Azure credentials. You can click Add Credentials to add a new set of credentials.

Then click NEXT to proceed.

Create Kubernetes Cluster on Azure

Step 2: Configure Provider

We choose sensible defaults for basic Microsoft Azure cluster builds to get you going quickly. On this step, you can modify these settings to meet your requirements:

  • Number, type, and size of master and worker nodes.

  • Region, Resource Group, and Virtual Network.

  • GPU support. Click to add the power of NVIDIA Tesla GPUs to your cluster.

When the provider configurations are correct, click NEXT.

Step 3: Configure Cluster

On the third step, you can make any desired changes to your cluster configuration:

  • Edit or refresh the randomly-generated cluster name.

  • Change the orchestration version.

  • Change the Pod Network CIDR.

  • Change the Service Network CIDR.

Create Kubernetes Cluster on Azure

When your cluster configurations are ready, click NEXT.

Step 4: Review and Confirm

Review and confirm all of the settings for your Kubernetes cluster. You can click "edit" in any section to make changes.

When you have verified that everything is correct, click CREATE. Your cluster will begin building, and will soon be ready for use.

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