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Learn how to create a Kubernetes cluster in your VMware environment in three clicks, using NetApp Kubernetes Service (NKS).

The ability to create VMware clusters with NKS is currently in pre-release. This feature is not GA (Generally Available).


Step 1: Add Cluster

Log in to NetApp Kubernetes Service (NKS) and click + ADD CLUSTER.

Create Kubernetes Cluster on vmware

Click the VMware tile to select VMware as the provider.

Create Kubernetes Cluster on vmware

Step 2: Provider Configuration

Click the Edit link on the left to edit the provider details. Select your VMware environment from the VMware Installation drop-down menu, then click Save.

Create Kubernetes Cluster on vmware

Update any of the following if you wish:

  • Number and size of master and worker nodes.

  • NKS workspace.

  • SSH keypair.

Create Kubernetes Cluster on vmware

When your provider configurations are ready, click SUBMIT.

Step 3: Configure Your Cluster

On this step, you can configure your Kubernetes cluster:

  • Set the cluster name.

  • Change the Kubernetes version.

  • Update the Pod and/or Service Network

  • Change the OS distribution.

Create Kubernetes Cluster on vmware

Verify that all the choices are correct, then click Submit. This will start building your NetApp on VMware, and it will be ready for use within minutes.

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