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Contributors ebarcott

The following are requirements for using NetApp HCI with NetApp Kubernetes Service (NKS). For more information about using NetApp HCI, see the official NetApp HCI documentation.

  • A NetApp HCI system successfully installed. We do not currently support cloud services on non-HCI systems.

  • System size requirements:

    • 2x4 systems are not supported for production use. However, you can use these for demo work.

    • 3x4 systems are the minimum production system size we support.

    • 4x4 systems are the recommended minimum size.

    • NetApp HCI v1.6 or later.

  • Any version of vSphere supported by NetApp HCI.

  • vSphere distributed switches (VDS). We do not support installing to standard switches.

  • Management node 2.1 (requires updates from the 2.0 version).

  • Optional: Networks for NKS (and other services) pre-created in vCenter.

  • An NKS account.

  • An NKS API token.

    • This token authorizes the installer to access your NKS Organization.

    • To create an NKS API token, log in to NKS and click your user icon in the upper right-hand corner. Click Edit Profile then Add Token.

    • You can create the token at any time, even if you have not yet enabled cloud services on NetApp HCI.