NKS Changelog: February 4, 2020

Contributors ebarcott

We pushed the following changes to our production environment on Tuesday, February 4, 2020:

  • Typographic style improvements

  • Fixed positioning of logo image for Charts

  • Display/edit for v2 Cluster Build Node Pools

  • Improvements to Organization Create/Edit

  • Standardized presentation of Search Filter across all views

  • Fixed issue where Provider logo width would cause problems

  • Allow users to select a "default" Organization

  • Solution filter menu implemented on Solutions view

  • K8s version 1.17 support in v1 UI

  • Revised My Charts interface with improved Chart Cards

    • Enhanced the style/layout of the views

    • Added better status indication when a chart repo is ready, syncing, etc.

    • Enhanced the wizard to only allow Packaged chart URLs, have better examples, and better validate chart repos

    • Added a button to install a chart directly to a Project

  • Polling for top-menu notifications (under the bell)

  • Updated Kubernetes version availability in v2 UI

  • Added Org logos to Org menu drop-down

  • Enhanced Subscription enforcement in the v2 UI

  • Revised the Import Chart Repository wizard

  • Improved visual presentation of Build Logs

  • Fixed Org Logo display squash-stretch

  • Implemented "Add Chart to Project" button in My Charts

  • Improved handling of error/warning/success alerts

  • Added Google Analytics page view tracking

  • Fixed Info icon color

  • Fixed issue with long strings wrapping in tables

  • Improved polling for data sync on Cluster Nodes and Solutions

  • Added Worker and Master node details for Build v2 Clusters

  • Fixed bug where customized Helm chart config values were not properly passed through to Package Solution installs

  • Improved label matching to better show deployments for Package Solutions

  • Fixed issue fetching data in Solution Metrics view

  • Added validation to insure Private Subnet selection on AWS for Build v2 Clusters