NKS Changelog: February 25, 2020

Contributors ebarcott

We pushed the following changes to our production environment on Tuesday, February 25, 2020:

  • Re-styled delete confirmation messages

  • Fixed issue where subnet field would show up when adding on-prem clusters/nodepools

  • Fixed auth failures when resuming session due to JWT expiration

  • Allow Clusters polling to resolve regardless of error responses

  • Fixed issue where pagination could be weird

  • Refactored Organization Teams pages and updated styling to fit more with v2 UI

  • Improved capture and display of Provider network errors

  • Fixed error when scoping credentials to Workspaces

  • Improved polling for Solutions

  • Fixed issues with notifications drop-down display

  • Added Welcome Modal for first-time users (will not display for existing users)

  • Fixed issues with dashboard stats layout on Safari

  • Improved layout of Organization drop-down menu when there are many Orgs

  • Fixed issues with nodepool creation

  • Fixed issue with master node addition

  • Fixed issue refreshing Cluster status after upgrade

  • Added label for "Classic" clusters (and removed "experimental" label)

  • Made ordering of Kubernetes versions in the UI consistent (greatest > least)

  • Improve redirect after deleting Solutions and Projects

  • Improved Cluster Status sync to update properly after upgrades

  • Improved visual styles for Cluster Build Logs

  • Fixed performance issues when many thousands of Build Logs are present

  • Added Resource Gallery view

  • Adjusted how columns scroll in app to better accommodate smaller screens

  • Added Google Analytics Events reporting

  • Added Cluster status progress bar (visible during Cluster build)