NKS Changelog: January 2020

Contributors ebarcott

We pushed the following changes to our production environment on Tuesday, January 14, 2020:

  • Fixed issue where Teams data is not properly refreshed after updating Teams assigned to Workspace

  • Fixed v1 Cluster Node delete action

  • Fixed alignment on Important Alerts on dashboard

  • Implemented simplified cluster index card in blade --tighter and flashier!

  • Fixed breadcrumbs when browsing detail views for items in Favorites

  • Removed Cloud Insights POC code

  • Fix display of worker node zone to pull from nodepool value (fixes HCI displays, too)

  • Fixed layout issues on Solution Deployments table

  • Fixed "cancel" button in Firefox to abort adding a new Node or Nodepool

  • Added rollup display to Build Logs so duplicate log entries only take up one line

  • Added API check to see if Stemson API can communicate with NKS Agent on a Cluster (and blocked/provided messages in cases where it cannot)

  • Added empty state to Cluster Projects tab when no Projects are present

  • Added ability to upload SSH Credentials via Organization Setup page

  • Added ability to upload Solution Credentials via Organization Setup page

  • Added ability to upload Backup Credentials via Organization Setup page

  • Improved layout/styling of Organization Setup page

  • Removed Vuetify framework and adjusted styles accordingly

  • Fixed issue where Clusters would report "disconnected NKS Agent" during Cluster build/upgrade/transition

  • Added polling for build logs to auto-update as logs are emitted from Cluster