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In most cases, NetApp Kubernetes Services (NKS) will be able to correctly detect your application’s process type(s). NKS will auto-generate a Procfile for your project. The auto-generation is based on popular frameworks, and usually does what you expect.

If you have problems deploying your application on NKS, the answer may be to customize your application’s Procfile to declare your application’s processes and settings.

About the Procfile

The Procfile is a plain text file named Procfile (capital P, no file extension) which must be placed in your application’s root directory.

The following examples will not work:

  • procfile (not capitalized)

  • Procfile.txt (file extension)

  • /app/files/Procfile (not in root directory)

The Procfile format requires you to declare each process type on its own line, in the format:

[process type]: [command]

For example:

web: node index.js

Web Process

In the previous example, we used the web process:

web: node index.js

The web process is the only one which can work with external HTTP traffic. Most simple web apps will only need a single web process type declared in the Procfile.

Other Process Types

This feature is currently in preview mode. As of the most recent release, web is the only available process type.