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Packages are solutions which are based on a Helm chart. You can choose from our gallery of supported Packages, or upload your own.

To manage Packages, go to Resources > My Charts. Here you can install a Package, click to see more details about Packages in the gallery, or import your own charts.


  • An NKS account. If you don’t have one already, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial with no credit card required at https://nks.netapp.io.

  • A Project set up and configured on your NKS account.

  • An NKS cluster with Build Version: Classic.

  • To create this cluster, use the New (not Classic) NKS UI.

  • When you build the cluster, choose Classic as the Cluster Build Type in the Provider Configuration step, as shown:

Select Cluster Build "Classic"

Import Helm Charts

My Charts lets you import a custom Helm chart repository, either public or private. You can then add these Helm charts to your NKS clusters.

If you see outdated version numbers on your Charts, you may need to re-sync the Repository with our systems. Go to the Manage Chart Repos page and use the "Re-sync" action under the actions menu for the Repository you wish to sync.

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