About Active Data Connector

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Active Data Connector (ADC) allows read-only access to data copied by NetApp Data Availability Services (NDAS) to an S3 bucket. ADC is a independent container that can be run on one or more Linux hosts, local or in-cloud, which have network connectivity to the NDAS S3 bucket. ADC can be configured to access either the entire NDAS bucket (all volumes and associated snapshots), or to just one protected volume and its snapshots.

Using ADC, the data is not presented in the standard object format, but rather in a file system hierarchical view that is easily understood by users and by applications accessing the data. Users can then load their own apps, or utilize existing AWS apps and services that can directly access the S3 data to generate additional insight.

Active Data Connector Architecture

See the ADC readme file for usage, host requirements, and other instructions.