About the NetApp Data Availability Services app display windows

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The NetApp Data Availability Services (NDAS) graphical management interface includes several windows in which you can manage backup and restore workflows, and monitor the current status of data protection relationships.

Note: In NDAS app displays, "cloud target" and "protected to cloud" can refer to the AWS public cloud or a StorageGRID private cloud, depending on the solution you configured.

  • Dashboard
    Provides an overview of the data protection environment, including recent activity, summary of target and cloud backups, and alerts.
    If no disk target and cloud targets are added yet, an option to add them is provided.

  • Data Protection

    • Shows the backup status of all volumes in the peered primary clusters. Clicking on individual rows or tiles displays detailed status for that volume.

    • Three shield icons indicate:

      • Local snapshots – no target or cloud workflow, only Snapshot copies of the volume

      • Protect to disk – disk-to-disk back up to target cluster

      • Protect to cloud – complete disk-disk-cloud in place

        If a volume has no green shields, no default Snapshot policy is in place. NetApp Data Availability Services applies its default Snapshot policy as part of the protection workflow.
        Additional status messages show activities in progress and deleted volumes.

    • Allows data protection workflows to be extended from source to target, and target to cloud.

    • Display options:

      • View; display only desired data protection type

      • Group by; sort by Cluster, Size or Protection type

      • Toggle between tabular and tile displays

  • Targets

    • Shows ONTAP disk targets and cloud targets that have already been configured.

    • Allows a new target to be added.

  • Restore

    • Allows searches of the catalog database by volume, LUN or file name.

    • From the search results, allows volumes, LUNs, and single files from a given Snapshot copy to be restored.

    • Provides search and filter by volume options.

  • Policies

    • Shows data protection policies currently available from NetApp Data Availability Services.

      • NDAS applies its own policies for any relationships - local snapshot, SnapMirror to disk, and cloud backup - that it creates on the primary (source) and secondary (target) clusters. These policies begin with the string NdasDefault.

      • Do not delete the default NDAS policies (identified by the beginning string NdasDefault) on the source or target clusters. If they are deleted, NDAS backups will stop.

      • SnapMirror, Snapshot and cloud backup policies cannot be created, modified, or deleted in the NDAS app.

  • Activity

    • Shows details about recent job activity and alerts (notices are purged after 7 days).

  • Cloud Services (1.1.4 and later)

  • Settings (gear icon in the upper right of the app)
    Displays settings and controls for:

    • Version
      The NDAS app version and available upgrades

    • Support
      NetApp Serial Number, AWS component ID numbers, and Support Bundle download (including logs for diagnostic purposes)

    • NetApp Active IQ
      Current status for automatically sending AutoSupport messages to NetApp Support

    • User
      Admin user name and password change facility

    • AWS Settings
      Current AWS ID and change facility

    • License
      Current information — including ID, type, capacity, % used, and expiration date — and an add/renew facility