Capacity Details

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NetApp Data Availability Services (NDAS) subscriptions are available in several capacity configurations.

Size Capacity Managed Files NDAS Portal Instance Catalog Instances


10 TB

5 Million

1 x m5.xlarge

2 x r5.2xlarge


50 TB

50 Million

1 x m5.2xlarge

2 x r5.2xlarge


500 TB

50 Million

1 x m5.2xlarge

2 x r5.2xlarge

  • Managed Capacity is displayed as its physical size, defined as the size taken by the files on disk after compression or deduplication, as measured by ONTAP, across all primary clusters managed by NDAS, in terabytes.

  • The amount of Capacity Managed is displayed as follows:

    When the NDAS release is…​ The capacity in TBs of volumes protected to cloud is its…​

    1.1 or later

    physical size


    logical size – the actual size of the files in the volume as seen by the app - when the source cluster is running ONTAP 9.4 or later

    physical size, when the source cluster is running ONTAP 9.3

  • Once the managed capacity limits have been reached, no further data protection relationships can be created. However, all existing volumes will continue to be protected with existing schedules.

  • Files refers to the sum of the number of files from all volumes in source clusters protected to cloud. In addition to these base files, changed files in each daily incremental Snapshot copy are also stored in the NDAS catalog. NDAS provides one year retention (365 daily copies) of each file. Using an average daily change rate of 2% across 600,000 files results in a total of 5M catalog entries for the year for the Small configuration, and protecting 6M files results in 50M catalog entries for the Medium configuration. If the daily change rate is more than 2%, an alert is displayed in the app dashboard to indicate when the catalog entries exceed the 5M or 50M limit.