ONTAP cluster and SnapMirror requirements

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Before connecting the NetApp Data Availability Services (NDAS) app to ONTAP storage, you must prepare the ONTAP target cluster and the ONTAP source clusters that contain the volumes you are backing up.

You must have ONTAP administrator privileges to configure these pre-requisites.

Note: The AWS cloud and StorageGRID solutions have the same ONTAP and SnapMirror requirements, except that a CA certificate is required for the StorageGRID solution.

ONTAP requirements for NetApp Data Availability Services:

  • The ONTAP clusters containing the source and target SnapMirror replicated volumes must be in a cluster peer relationship.
    ONTAP 9 Cluster and SVM Peering Express Guide

  • SnapMirror must be licensed on the source and target ONTAP clusters.
    It is not necessary to configure SnapMirror relationships before deploying NetApp Data Availability Services. NetApp Data Availability Services can configure a source-target-cloud relationship. However, NetApp Data Availability Services automatically discovers existing SnapMirror relationships.
    ONTAP 9 Data Protection Power Guide: Managing SnapMirror volume replication
    Note: If existing SnapMirror relationships are being protected, only SnapMirror relationships of type MirrorAndVault and MirrorAll can be extended to cloud. SnapMirror relationships of type MirrorLatest cannot be extended to cloud.

  • One of the following ONTAP 9 releases must be running on the secondary (target) cluster:

    • ONTAP 9.7 or a later ONTAP 9.7x version (beginning with release 1.1.2)

    • ONTAP 9.6P1 or a later ONTAP 9.6x version

    • ONTAP 9.5P6 or a later ONTAP 9.5x version

  • ONTAP version 9.3 or later must be running on all peered primary (source) clusters.

  • For each of the node in the target ONTAP cluster, the default IP space of each intercluster LIF must have external internet access..

  • The ONTAP clusters must have their system time synchronized with UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). To configure or verify Network Time Protocol (NTP) on an ONTAP cluster, use the cluster time-service ntp command.
    ONTAP 9 System Administration Reference: Managing the cluster time

  • For StorageGRID implementations, you must install a StorageGRID CA certificate on the secondary (target) cluster.

Reverting or downgrading ONTAP to a version not supported by NetApp Data Availability Services requires stopping NDAS protection on all protected volumes, running an ONTAP cleanup script, and removing NDAS registration from System Manager. If you need to revert or downgrade ONTAP after configuring NetApp Data Availability Services, contact your Support representative.

Concurrent transfer limits for Copy to Cloud relationships

Copy to Cloud relationships include two kinds of Snapshot transfers; Snapshot copy contents and metadata, which is used for cataloging of files in a backup.

In ONTAP 9.5 and later, the concurrent SnapMirror transfers per node maximum is limited to 100. Out of these 100, a maximum of 32 can be Copy to Cloud data transfers in release 1.0. On nodes with DP_Optimized (DPO) licenses, the ONTAP concurrent transfer limit increases to 200; however, Copy to Cloud data transfers are still limited to 32 in this release.

In addition to data transfers, a node running ONTAP 9.5 (DPO or non-DPO) can have up to 32 Copy to Cloud Metadata transfers running in parallel.