Data protection workflows

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To begin protecting your source data, you identify volumes to be backed up and create NetApp Data Availability Services (NDAS) workflows for source to target to cloud backup operations.

Once the ONTAP and cloud targets have been registered, all further backup and restore operations are conducted from the NDAS app in the AWS cloud.

Once a cloud target has been identified, you can choose one of these workflows:

  1. Creating a new SnapMirror relationship and backing up data to cloud

  2. Extending an existing SnapMirror relationship to the cloud

When you create a new volume on a cluster registered with NDAS, it will not be available for NDAS data protection workflows for up to 30 minutes. This is because NDAS issues a volume rediscovery query on the ONTAP cluster every 30 minutes and applies any updates to an internal Elasticsearch index.

Note: Backup objects in the S3 bucket can be browsed. Nonetheless, you should only use the NDAS app to manage these objects. Do not delete any backup objects or NDAS-created resources outside of the NDAS app itself.