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Beginning with the 1.1 release, NetApp Data Availability Services (NDAS) subscriptions are available as a Bring Your Own License (BYOL), which can be purchased directly from NetApp or through your NetApp Channel partner. NetApp Data Availability Services is licensed on the managed storage capacity with a time-based subscription.

Once purchased, NDAS licenses are managed from the NDAS app, where they are installed by uploading a file. The NDAS licensing model also allows you to increase capacity by upgrading the BYOL license. Capacity upgrades will be available to purchase with a future NDAS release.

NetApp Data Availability Services is provided with a 30-day evaluation period, initiated at the time of deployment, which allows access to all functionality but limits the user environment to a maximum of 10 TB of managed capacity. At any time during the evaluation or after it expires, you can install a BYOL license from NetApp. No software license charges will be applied to use the evaluation version, although AWS assesses monthly charges for use of the underlying AWS infrastructure.

If you exceed the 30-day evaluation period without upgrading to a BYOL license, if a BYOL license expires, or if the licensed capacity is exceeded, the NDAS app goes into read-only mode until the license is upgraded or renewed. In read-only mode, existing backups continue to run and data can still be restored, but no new backups can be configured (that is, no new volumes can be protected).

If you deployed NetApp Data Availability Services before the 1.1 release, you have the option to continue use of the service through the purchase of a subscription license. Upgrading to a subscription preserves all backup copies made previously under the 1.0 release without the need for migration, and existing data protection schedules will continue uninterrupted. All versions of the service that were offered at no charge will expire within 30 days following the introduction of the subscription release. You need to update with a subscription and assume license charges or migrate all existing data copies to another location.