Networking topology

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To streamline initial configuration and setup of NetApp Data Availability Services (NDAS) in the cloud, it is recommended that you understand its networking requirements and assemble configuration values before beginning the process. You should work with your respective internal IT staff and additional functional teams to obtain networking and security information before beginning installation.

The NDAS hybrid cloud solution requires specific networking and security components be configured both on-premises and within the AWS cloud environment before launching the NDAS app. A high-level representation of the NDAS AWS cloud architecture is illustrated in the following diagram.

NetApp Data Availability Services high level architecture

The following networking elements are needed to enable the NDAS solution. You should ensure that all are created or available before the initial setup of NetApp Data Availability Services.

  • A Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is required

  • Two subnets are configured within the VPC.
    They must be in the same Region but each subnet must be in a different AWS Availability Zone (AZ). NetApp Data Availability Services will auto-configure two instances of the catalog database for security and resiliency. Both copies of the catalog will be located in the same Region, but in subnets within different Availability Zones (AZ).

  • AWS Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) initiated. The AWS ELB maintains the NDAS public or private portal IP address.

For more information, see AWS, networking and security requirements