User roles

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Several skill sets and corresponding privileges are required to configure and use NetApp Data Availability Services: NDAS backup administrator, ONTAP storage administrator, and the organization’s networking, security, and cloud administrators.

All roles are required to satisfy ONTAP and AWS prerequisites. Only the NDAS administrator role is required after initial configuration.

NDAS administrator

  • IT generalist skill set

  • Has knowledge of AWS storage technology.

  • Does not require detailed ONTAP knowledge.

  • NetApp Data Availability Services app configuration, and backup and restore tasks can be performed by an IT generalist.

Cloud and network administrators

  • Knowledge of network, security and cloud technologies.

  • Has AWS administrative privileges including access to the AWS console.

  • Has knowledge of AWS storage technology.

  • Responsible for implementation of on-premises and AWS IT security policies.

  • Responsible for implementation of cloud services.

  • OPEX budget approval.

Storage administrator

  • Has administrative privileges for the source and target clusters.

  • Has knowledge of ONTAP cluster storage technology.

  • Has knowledge of SnapMirror technology.

  • For the StorageGRID solution, has administrative privileges for the StorageGRID target.