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NetApp provides support for NetApp Data Availability Services in a variety of ways. Extensive free self-support options are available 24x7, such as knowledgebase (KB) articles or the NetApp community. You must first activate support for each NetApp Instance ID in order to use these non self-service support options. A NetApp Support Site (NSS) SSO account is required for chat and web ticketing along with case management.

Self support

These options are available in Trial mode and are available for free 24x7:

  • Knowledge base
    Selecting the links in this section takes you to the NetApp Knowledgebase, where you can search for articles, How-to’s, FAQ’s, or Break Fix information related to NetApp Data Availability Services .

  • User manual
    Selecting the Click here link takes you to this NetApp Data Availability Services documentation site.

  • Communities
    Selecting the Click here link takes you to the NetApp Data Availability Services community, where you can connect with peers and experts.

  • Email
    Selecting the Click here link in the Feedback section initiates an email to support through cvs-support@netapp.com. This a great place to ask general questions about service, provide feedback and suggestions, or seek assistance for onboarding related problems.

Subscription support

In addition to the self-support options above, if you have a NetApp Data Availability Services subscription, you can work with a NetApp Support Engineer to resolve any issues.

Once your NetApp Data Availability Services Instance ID number is activated, you can access NetApp technical support resources by any of the following methods. You must have an active NetApp Data Availability Services subscription to use these support options.

  • Chat
    This will open a support ticket as well.

  • Support Ticket
    Select Cloud Data Services > NetApp Data Availability Services

  • Phone
    For reporting new issues or calling about existing tickets. This method is best for P1 or immediate assistance.

You can also request sales support by clicking on the Contact sales link.

Your NetApp Data Availability Services Instance ID number is visible within the service from the Support menu option. If you are experiencing issues accessing the service and have registered a serial number with NetApp previously, you can contact cvs-support@netapp.com for assistance. You can also view your list of NetApp Data Availability Services Instance ID numbers from the NetApp Support Site as follows:

  1. Login to mysupport.netapp.com.

  2. From the Products > My Products menu tab, select the Product Family NetApp Data Availability Services to locate all your registered serial numbers.
    Screen shot of the installed systems