Adding a cloud target

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Before backing up your data to the cloud, you must add a cloud target to your NetApp Data Availability Services (NDAS) configuration. This supplies the final component of a source to secondary to cloud workflow.

Before you begin

AWS prerequisites must have been satisfied, and you must know the name, location, access key, and secret key of an existing, empty AWS S3 bucket. You must also have registered ONTAP storage with the NDAS app, and discovered ONTAP targets must be displayed in the app Dashboard view.

About this task

A cloud target is a destination object store; that is, an Amazon S3 bucket that you use for holding backups.

Note: Beginning with release 1.1, you can configure NetApp Data Availability Services with either AWS Cloud or StorageGRID as a destination object store but not both. You cannot alter this selection once it is configured.

  1. In the NDAS app, click Dashboard in the left pane to open the Dashboard window.

    After initial setup, this operation can also be performed from the Targets window by clicking the Add menu.

  2. In the Protected to Cloud box, click the Add Cloud Target button.

  3. Enter the following information in the boxes and click Add.

    • Object Store Name; the short name of your target S3 bucket (for example, ndas_mybucket)

    • Access Key ID; the AWS access key for your target S3 bucket

    • Secret Key; the AWS secret key for your target S3 bucket

After adding a cloud target, the Dashboard window is updated to show that none of the discovered ONTAP volumes are backed up to cloud, and the Targets window is updated to show the newly-added S3 bucket as an available target.