Creating manual backups to the cloud

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If your volumes already have NetApp Data Availability Services workflows, you can initiate manual backups in addition to the policies you specified.

Before you begin

You must have registered NetApp Data Availability Services with ONTAP secondary storage and added a cloud target for a source-to-target-to-cloud workflow.

  1. In the Data Protection window, identify the volume you want to back up manually. The volume must already display three green shields.

  2. Hover in the upper right corner of the desired volume’s tile to display a checkbox.

    When you click on the checkbox, the previously greyed-out menu adjacent to the Protect button at the top of the Data Protection window is displayed.
    You can select multiple backup workflows for deletion.

  3. Select Back up Now from the pull-down menu.

You can track the progress of the manual backup in the Activities window.