Installing Active Data Connector

Contributors netapp-forry

Access to ADC and its readme file is provided from the Cloud Services tab in the NetApp Data Availability Services (NDAS) app, which includes installation instructions.

To install ADC, you connect to an AWS EC2 instance and copy a Docker image file from the NDAS S3 bucket to a Linux host using the AWS CLI. You can then run ADC directly on this EC2 or copy the package to another local or cloud Linux instance for execution.

  1. In the NDAS app, click Cloud Services in the left pane to open the Download Active Data Connector pop-up.

  2. Click ACKNOWLEDGE end user license agreement.
    After reading the license agreement, close the license window and continue with the installation instructions.

  3. On a Linux host, create a directory for ADC.
    mkdir $HOME/adc

  4. Connect to an AWS EC2 instance created on the same account used to install NDAS and start the AWS CLI.

  5. Download the ADC readme.
    aws s3 cp s3://ndas-adc/ActiveDataConnector/AdcImageLatest/readme.txt $HOME/adc
    Verify that your system meets the ADC requirements.

  6. Download the ADC image.
    aws s3 cp s3://ndas-adc/ActiveDataConnector/AdcImageLatest/adcDockerImage.tar.gz $HOME/adc

  7. Install ADC according to the readme.