Stopping data protection

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Cloud backup data and catalog for that volume will be removed when protection for a volume is stopped.

About this task

Any data already backed up to the cloud will still be available in the cloud even after stopping protection for a particular volume.

Data protection relationships created using NetApp Data Availability Services (NDAS) can be deleted in the NDAS app. Source-target relationships that were not created by NetApp Data Availability Services cannot be deleted using the NDAS app.

Note: Stopping protection cancels all future transfers from the source volume and permanently removes all replica copies of the source.

  1. In the Data Protection window, identify the volume that includes data you no longer wish to protect.

  2. Hover in the upper right corner of the desired volume’s tile to display a checkbox.
    When you click on the checkbox, the previously greyed-out menu adjacent to the Protect button at the top of the Data Protection window is displayed.

  3. Select Stop Protection from the pull-down menu.

  4. Click Stop Protection to stop any further backup workflows.
    If an existing relationship was extended to cloud, only the cloud relationship is deleted by NetApp Data Availability Services, and the cloud catalog and cloud copy in the bucket are also removed.