NetApp Solution Automation

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  1. Requirements for the Ansible control node,:

    1. A Ubuntu/Debian machine with the following packages installed:

      1. Python3

      2. Pip3

      3. Ansible (version greater than 2.10.0)

      4. Git

If you have a fresh Ubuntu/Debian machine without the above requirements installed, follow the below steps to setup that machine as the Ansible control node:

  1. Create a .sh file

  2. Paste the below content in the file

    echo "Installing Python ------>"
    sudo apt-get -y install python3 >/dev/null
    echo "Installing Python Pip ------>"
    sudo apt-get -y install python3-pip >/dev/null
    echo "Installing Ansible ------>"
    python3 -W ignore -m pip --disable-pip-version-check install ansible >/dev/null
    echo "Installing git ------>"
    sudo apt-get -y install git >/dev/null
  3. Make the file executable

    chmod +x
  4. Run the script (as root)