WP-7337: Anthos on Bare Metal

Contributors ac-ntap

Alan Cowles and Nikhil M Kulkarni, NetApp

NetApp and Google Cloud have had a strong relationship for several years now, with NetApp first introducing cloud data services for Google Cloud with Cloud Volumes ONTAP and the Cloud Volumes Service. This relationship was then expanded by validating the NetApp HCI platform for use with Google Cloud Anthos on-premises, a hypervisor-based hybrid multi-cloud Kubernetes solution deployed on VMware vSphere. NetApp then passed Anthos Ready qualification for NetApp Astra Trident, ONTAP, and the NFS protocol to provide dynamic persistent storage for containers.

Anthos can now be directly installed on bare-metal servers in a customer’s environment, which adds an additional option for customers to extend Google Cloud into their local data centers without a hypervisor. Additionally, by leveraging the capabilities of NetApp ONTAP storage operating system and NetApp Astra Trident, you can extend your platform’s capabilities by integrating persistent storage for containers.

This combination allows you to realize the full potential of your servers, storage, and networking combined with the support, service levels, monthly billing, and on-demand flexibility that Google Cloud provides. Because you are using your own hardware, network, and storage, you have direct control over application scale, security, and network latency, as well as having the benefit of managed and containerized applications with Anthos on bare metal.