Solution validation

Contributors ac-ntap

The current deployment of this solution was put through two rigorous validation processes using tools provided by the Google Cloud team. These validations include a subset of the following tests:

  • Partner validation of the Anthos-ready platform:

    • Confirm that all Anthos on bare metal platform services are installed and running.

    • Scale down the physical Anthos on bare metal cluster from four worker nodes to three and then back to four.

    • Create and delete a custom namespace.

    • Create a deployment of the Nginx web server, scaling that deployment by increasing the number of replicas.

    • Create an ingress for the Nginx application and verify connectivity by curling the index.html.

    • Successfully clean up all test suite activities and return the cluster to a pretest state.

  • Partner validation of Anthos-ready storage:

    • Create a deployment with a persistent volume claim.

    • Use NetApp Astra Trident to provision and attach the requested persistent volume from NetApp ONTAP.

    • Validate the detach-and-reattach capability of persistent volumes.

    • Validate multi-attach, read-only access of persistent volumes from other pods on the node.

    • Validate the offline volume resize operation.

    • Verify that the persistent volume survives a cluster-scaling operation.