vSphere VMFS Datastore - NVMe/FC with ONTAP

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About this task

This section covers the creation of a VMFS datastore with ONTAP storage using NVMe/FC.

For automated provisioning, use one of these scripts: PowerShell Script, Ansible Playbook, or Terraform.

What you will need

  • Basic skill to manage vSphere environment and ONTAP.

  • Basic understanding of NVMe/FC.

  • ONTAP Storage System (FAS/AFF/CVO/ONTAP Select/ASA) running ONTAP 9.8 or later

  • ONTAP credentials (SVM name, userID, and password)

  • ONTAP WWPN of host, target, SVM, and LUN information

  • A completed FC configuration worksheet

  • vCenter Server

  • vSphere host(s) information (vSphere 7.0 or later)

  • Fabric switch(es)

    • with ONTAP FC data ports and vSphere hosts are connected.

    • with N_port ID virtualization (NPIV) feature enabled.

    • Create Single Initiator Single Target Zone.

    • Create one zone for each initiator (Single Initiator zone)

      • For each zone, include target which is ONTAP FC Logical Interfaces (WWPN) of SVMs. There should be at least two logical interfaces per node per SVM. Should not be using WWPN of physical ports.

Provision VMFS datastore

ONTAP tasks

  1. Verify ONTAP license for FCP
    Use system license show command and check NVMe_oF is listed.
    Use license add -license-code <license code> to add license.

  2. Ensure NVMe protocol is enabled on SVM

  3. Ensure NVMe/FC Logical Interfaces are available on SVM.

    1. Use Network Interface show to verify FCP adapter.

    2. When SVM is created with GUI, Logical Interfaces are as part of that process.

    3. To rename, use Network Interface modify

  4. Create NVMe namespace and subsystem

VMware vSphere Tasks

  1. Ensure HBA drivers are installed
    VMware supported HBAs have the drivers deployed out of the box and should be visible at Storage Adapter Information

  2. Perform vSphere Host NVMe driver installatioln and validation tasks

  3. Create VMFS Datastore

PowerShell Script
Ansible Playbook