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Cloud Manager deploys Cloud Volumes ONTAP in the same GCP account and project in which Cloud Manager is running by using permissions from a service account. You can’t deploy Cloud Volumes ONTAP in different accounts or projects. GCP accounts that you add to Cloud Manager are used to enable data tiering.

GCP account and permissions for Cloud Manager

To deploy Cloud Volumes ONTAP in Google Cloud Platform, you must first deploy Cloud Manager in a GCP account and project. Cloud Manager can’t be running on your premises, or in a different cloud provider.

Two sets of permissions must be in place when you deploy Cloud Manager from NetApp Cloud Central:

  1. You need to deploy Cloud Manager using a GCP account that has permissions to launch the Cloud Manager VM instance in GCP.

  2. When deploying Cloud Manager, you are prompted to specify a GCP service account for the VM instance. Cloud Manager uses the service account to create and manage Cloud Volumes ONTAP systems on your behalf. Permissions are provided by attaching a custom role to the service account.

For instructions, see Getting started in GCP.

GCP account for Cloud Volumes ONTAP

After you deploy Cloud Manager in GCP, all Cloud Volumes ONTAP systems are deployed in the same GCP account and project in which Cloud Manager is running.

GCP account for data tiering

Adding a Google Cloud Platform account to Cloud Manager is required to enable data tiering on a Cloud Volumes ONTAP system. Data tiering automatically tiers cold data to low-cost object storage, enabling you to reclaim space on your primary storage and shrink secondary storage.

After you add a GCP account, you can then enable data tiering on individual volumes when you create, modify, or replicate them.