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Cloud Manager typically introduces a new release every month to bring you new features, enhancements, and bug fixes.

Cloud Manager 3.7.4 (6 Oct 2019)

Cloud Manager 3.7.4 includes the following enhancements.

Support for Azure NetApp Files

You can now view and create NFS volumes for Azure NetApp Files directly from Cloud Manager. This enhancement continues our goal to help you manage your cloud storage from a single interface.

This feature requires new permissions as shown in the latest Cloud Manager policy for Azure.


Cloud Volumes ONTAP for GCP enhancements

Cloud Manager 3.7.4 enables the following enhancements to Cloud Volumes ONTAP for Google Cloud Platform:

Pay-as-you-go subscriptions in the GCP Marketplace

You can now pay for Cloud Volumes ONTAP as you go by subscribing to Cloud Volumes ONTAP in the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace.

Shared VPC

Cloud Manager and Cloud Volumes ONTAP are now supported in a Google Cloud Platform shared VPC.

Shared VPC enables you to configure and centrally manage virtual networks across multiple projects. You can set up Shared VPC networks in the host project and deploy the Cloud Manager and Cloud Volumes ONTAP virtual machine instances in a service project. Google Cloud documentation: Shared VPC overview.

Multiple Google Cloud projects

Cloud Volumes ONTAP no longer needs to be in the same project as Cloud Manager. Add the Cloud Manager service account and role to additional projects and then you can choose from those projects you deploy Cloud Volumes ONTAP.

A screenshot that shows the project selection option from the Working Environment wizard.

For more details about setting up the Cloud Manager service account, see step 4b on this page.

Customer-managed encryption keys when using Cloud Manager APIs

While Google Cloud Storage always encrypts your data before it’s written to disk, you can use Cloud Manager APIs to create a new Cloud Volumes ONTAP system that uses customer-managed encryption keys. These are keys that you generate and manage in GCP using the Cloud Key Management Service.

Refer to the API Developer Guide for details about using the "GcpEncryption" parameters.

This feature requires new permissions as shown in the latest Cloud Manager policy for GCP:

- cloudkms.cryptoKeyVersions.useToEncrypt
- cloudkms.cryptoKeys.get
- cloudkms.cryptoKeys.list
- cloudkms.keyRings.list

Backup to S3 enhancement

You can now delete the backups for existing volumes. Previously, you could only delete the backups for volumes that had been deleted.

Encryption of boot and root disks in AWS

When you enable data encryption using the AWS Key Management Service (KMS), the boot and root disks for Cloud Volumes ONTAP are now encrypted, as well. This includes the boot disk for the mediator instance in an HA pair. The disks are encrypted using the CMK that you select when you create the working environment.

Boot and root disks are always encrypted in Azure and Google Cloud Platform because encryption is enabled by default in those cloud providers.

Support for the AWS Bahrain region

Cloud Manager and Cloud Volumes ONTAP are now supported in the AWS Middle East (Bahrain) region.

Support for the Azure UAE North region

Cloud Manager and Cloud Volumes ONTAP are now supported in the Azure UAE North region.

Cloud Manager 3.7.3 update (15 Sept 2019)

Cloud Manager now enables you to back up data from Cloud Volumes ONTAP to Amazon S3.

Backup to S3

Backup to S3 is an add-on feature for Cloud Volumes ONTAP that delivers fully-managed backup and restore capabilities for protection, and long-term archive of your cloud data. Backups are stored in S3 object storage, independent of volume Snapshot copies used for near-term recovery or cloning. The feature is powered by NetApp’s Cloud Backup Service.

This feature requires an update to the Cloud Manager policy. The following VPC endpoint permissions are now required:


Cloud Manager 3.7.3 (11 Sept 2019)

Cloud Manager 3.7.3 includes the following enhancements.

Discovery and management of Cloud Volumes Service for AWS

Cloud Manager now enables you to discover the cloud volumes in your Cloud Volumes Service for AWS subscription. After discovery, you can add additional cloud volumes directly from Cloud Manager. This enhancement provides a single pane of glass from which you can manage your NetApp cloud storage.

New subscription required in the AWS Marketplace

A new subscription is available in the AWS Marketplace. This one-time subscription is required to deploy Cloud Volumes ONTAP 9.6 PAYGO (except for your 30-day free trial system). The subscription also enables us to offer add-on features for Cloud Volumes ONTAP PAYGO and BYOL. You’ll be charged from this subscription for every Cloud Volumes ONTAP PAYGO system that you create and each add-on feature that you enable.

Starting with version 9.6, this new subscription method replaces the two existing AWS Marketplace subscriptions for Cloud Volumes ONTAP PAYGO to which you previously subscribed. You still need subscriptions through the existing AWS Marketplace pages when deploying Cloud Volumes ONTAP BYOL.

Support for AWS GovCloud (US-East)

Cloud Manager and Cloud Volumes ONTAP are now supported in the AWS GovCloud (US-East) region.

General Availability of Cloud Volumes ONTAP in GCP (3 Sept 2019)

Cloud Volumes ONTAP is now generally available in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) when you bring your own license (BYOL). A pay-as-you-go promotion is also available. The promotion offers free licenses for an unlimited number of systems and will expire at the end of September 2019.

Cloud Manager 3.7.2 (5 Aug 2019)

FlexCache licenses

Cloud Manager now generates a FlexCache license for all new Cloud Volumes ONTAP systems. The license includes a 500 GB usage limit.

To generate the license, Cloud Manager needs to access https://ipa-signer.cloudmanager.netapp.com. Make sure that this URL is accessible from your firewall.

Kubernetes storage classes for iSCSI

When you connect Cloud Volumes ONTAP to a Kubernetes cluster, Cloud Manager now creates two additional Kubernetes storage classes that you can use with iSCSI Persistent Volumes:

  • netapp-file-san: For binding iSCSI Persistent Volumes to single-node Cloud Volumes ONTAP systems

  • netapp-file-redundant-san: For binding iSCSI Persistent Volumes to Cloud Volumes ONTAP HA pairs

Management of inodes

Cloud Manager now monitors inode usage on a volume. When 85% of the inodes are used, Cloud Manager increases the size of the volume to increase the number of available inodes. The number of files a volume can contain is determined by how many inodes it has.

Cloud Manager monitors inode usage only when the Capacity Management Mode is set to automatic (this is the default setting).

Support for the Hong Kong region in AWS

Cloud Manager and Cloud Volumes ONTAP are now supported in the Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) region in AWS.

Support for the Australia Central regions in Azure

Cloud Manager and Cloud Volumes ONTAP are now supported in the following Azure regions:

  • Australia Central

  • Australia Central 2

Update on backing up and restoring (15 July 2019)

Starting with the 3.7.1 release, Cloud Manager no longer supports downloading a backup and using it to restore your Cloud Manager configuration. You need to follow these steps to restore Cloud Manager.

Cloud Manager 3.7.1 (1 July 2019)

Cloud Manager 3.7 update (16 June 2019)

Cloud Volumes ONTAP 9.6 is now available in AWS, Azure, and in Google Cloud Platform as a private preview. To join the private preview, send a request to ng-Cloud-Volume-ONTAP-preview@netapp.com.

Cloud Manager 3.7 (5 June 2019)

Support for upcoming Cloud Volumes ONTAP 9.6 release

Cloud Manager 3.7 includes support for the upcoming Cloud Volumes ONTAP 9.6 release. The 9.6 release includes a private preview of Cloud Volumes ONTAP in Google Cloud Platform. We’ll update the release notes when 9.6 is available.

NetApp Cloud Central accounts

We’ve enhanced how you manage your cloud resources. Each Cloud Manager system will be associated with a NetApp Cloud Central account. The account enables multi-tenancy and is planned for other NetApp cloud data services in the future.

In Cloud Manager, a Cloud Central account is a container for your Cloud Manager systems and the workspaces in which users deploy Cloud Volumes ONTAP.

Cloud Manager needs access to https://cloudmanager.cloud.netapp.com in order to connect to the Cloud Central account service. Open this URL on your firewall to ensure that Cloud Manager can contact the service.

Integrating your system with Cloud Central accounts

Some time after you upgrade to Cloud Manager 3.7, NetApp will choose specific Cloud Manager systems to integrate with Cloud Central accounts. During this process, NetApp creates an account, assigns new roles to each user, creates workspaces, and places existing working environments in those workspaces. There’s no disruption to your Cloud Volumes ONTAP systems.

Backup and restore with the Cloud Backup Service

The NetApp Cloud Backup Service for Cloud Volumes ONTAP delivers fully-managed backup and restore capabilities for protection and long-term archive of your cloud data. You can integrate the Cloud Backup Service with Cloud Volumes ONTAP for AWS. Backups created by the service are stored in AWS S3 object storage.

To get started, install and configure the backup agent and then start backup and restore operations. If you need help, we encourage you to contact us by using the chat icon in Cloud Manager.

This manual process is no longer supported. The Backup to S3 feature was integrated into Cloud Manager in the 3.7.3 release.