Monitoring ONTAP clusters

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The Active IQ page in Cloud Manager can show you any undiscovered ONTAP clusters in your on-premises environment, whether any clusters require new firmware to be installed, and if they are using all the licenses that you have paid for. This information is provided to Cloud Manager from the Active IQ Digital Advisor.

Checking for on-premises clusters that have not been added to Cloud Manager

The Active IQ page shows a list of all the on-prem clusters you are able to manage based on your NetApp Support Site (NSS) credentials. It also lists those clusters that have been discovered within Cloud Manager, and those that have not been discovered.

  1. Click the Active IQ tab, enter your NetApp Support Site user name and password, and click Save.

    The clusters that have a valid support contract are displayed along with a status of whether they have been discovered in Cloud Manager.

Checking for new disk and shelf firmware

You can see whether any of your discovered ONTAP clusters need to have their shelf or disk firmware updated.

  1. From the Active IQ page, click the Firmware Updates tab.

  2. See the following instructions to update your storage system firmware.

Viewing unused Cloud Volumes ONTAP licenses

You can see whether any of your Cloud Volumes ONTAP clusters have licenses that you are not using.

  1. From the Active IQ page, click the Licenses tab.