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Cloud Manager enables you to add additional Cloud Central users to Cloud Manager and to isolate working environments by using tenants. You can unlock several benefits by linking tenants to a NetApp Support Site account.

Adding users to Cloud Manager

If additional users need to use your Cloud Manager system, they must sign up for an account in NetApp Cloud Central. You can then add the users to Cloud Manager.

  1. If the user does not yet have an account in NetApp Cloud Central, send them a link to your Cloud Manager system and have them sign up.

    Wait until the user confirms that they have signed up for an account.

  2. In Cloud Manager, click the user icon and then click View Users.

  3. Click New User.

  4. Enter the email address associated with the user account, select a role, and click Add.

After you finish

Inform the user that they can now log in to the Cloud Manager system.

Linking tenants to a NetApp Support Site account

You should link a tenant to a NetApp Support Site account so Cloud Manager can manage licenses for BYOL systems, register pay-as-you-go instances for support, and upgrade Cloud Volumes ONTAP software. For more information about these benefits, watch this video.

Before you begin

Each NetApp Support Site account that you link to a tenant must meet the following requirements:

  • The account must be a NetApp customer-level account (not a guest or temp account).

  • If you purchased a secure BYOL subscription, then a secure NetApp Support Site account is required to upload the license file.

    Contact your NetApp account team for further information about secure BYOL subscriptions.

  • The account must be authorized to access the serial numbers of any BYOL systems deployed in the tenant.

If you do not have an account, you can create one from the NetApp Support Site.

  1. Click the tenants icon and then click Switch Tenant.

    Screen shot: Shows the tenant icon (a push pin) and the Switch Tenant button

  2. Click the edit icon for the tenant that you want to link to a NetApp Support Site account.

    Screen shot: Shows the edit icon (a pencil) which is available when hovering over a tenant.

  3. Click Change NSS account.

  4. Enter the user name and password for the account and click Save.


Cloud Manager registers all existing and future Cloud Volumes ONTAP systems in the tenant with NetApp support.