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IBM Cloud networking requirements

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If you want to install Cloud Manager in the IBM Cloud, then the environment must meet a few requirements.

Note While you can install Cloud Manager in the IBM Cloud, ONTAP Cloud is not supported in the IBM Cloud.
Outbound internet access

Cloud Manager needs outbound internet access to communicate with AWS and Azure services when deploying ONTAP Cloud, to access software images for upgrades, and to enable technical support from NetApp.

For details about the specific endpoints, see AWS networking requirements and Azure networking requirements.

Connection between Cloud Manager and ONTAP Cloud subnets

Cloud Manager requires a network connection to the AWS VPCs and Azure VNets in which you want to deploy ONTAP Cloud systems.

Connection to the Cloud Manager web console

Users must access Cloud Manager from a web browser. A web browser must have connections to the following endpoints:

Endpoint Purpose

The Cloud Manager host

You must enter the host’s IP address from a web browser to load the Cloud Manager console.

The easiest way to provide access is by allocating a public IP address. However, if you want to use a private IP address instead, users can access the console through either of the following:

  • A jump host that has a connection to Cloud Manager

  • A host in your network that has a VPN connection to the private IP address

Your web browser connects to this endpoint for centralized user authentication through NetApp Cloud Central.