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Getting started with ONTAP Cloud in AWS

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Getting started with ONTAP Cloud includes preparing your AWS environment, launching the OnCommand Cloud Manager software from NetApp Cloud Central, and then launching ONTAP Cloud systems using Cloud Manager.

Verifying your networking

You must choose the AWS VPC and subnets in which you want to launch Cloud Manager and ONTAP Cloud. At a minimum, your networking must meet the following requirements:

  • Outbound internet access

    The target VPC must have one or more subnets that have outbound internet access so Cloud Manager and ONTAP Cloud can contact several endpoints. To review the list of endpoints, see AWS networking requirements.

  • Connections between networks

    • To deploy ONTAP Cloud systems in subnets or networks separate from Cloud Manager, connections between those networks must be in place.

    • To replicate data across a hybrid cloud or multi-cloud environment, VPN connections between networks must be in place. For details, refer to AWS Documentation: Setting Up an AWS VPN Connection.

  • Endpoint to S3

    To reduce storage costs by using EBS as a performance tier and AWS S3 as a capacity tier, the VPC in which you launch ONTAP Cloud must have an endpoint to the S3 service. For details, refer to AWS Documentation: Creating a Gateway Endpoint.

For additional networking information, see AWS networking requirements.

The following sample VPC configuration shows public and private subnets and a NAT device that enables outbound internet access for the private subnet:
This illustration shows Cloud Manager and a NAT instance running in a public subnet, and ONTAP Cloud instances running in a private subnet.

Subscribing to ONTAP Cloud in AWS

You must subscribe to ONTAP Cloud from the AWS Marketplace so you can launch ONTAP Cloud in AWS.

  1. Go to the AWS Marketplace pages for ONTAP Cloud:

  2. Click Continue, review the terms, and then click Accept Software Terms.

    Important You must not launch ONTAP Cloud instances from the AWS Marketplace. You must use Cloud Manager to launch ONTAP Cloud.
    Note Subscribing is not required to launch ONTAP Cloud in the AWS GovCloud (US) region.

Granting AWS permissions

When you launch Cloud Manager from NetApp Cloud Central, you must provide AWS credentials for a user that has specific AWS permissions. Cloud Central needs the credentials and permissions to launch the Cloud Manager instance on your behalf.

About this task

Providing the credentials is secure and private—NetApp does not save the credentials. It uses them only to launch the instance.

When you launch Cloud Manager, NetApp Cloud Central creates an IAM policy and an IAM role for the instance. This gives Cloud Manager permissions to deploy and manage ONTAP Cloud in AWS. To review the list of permissions, see AWS and Azure permissions for Cloud Manager.

  1. From the AWS IAM console, create your own policy by copying and pasting the contents of the NetApp Cloud Central IAM policy.

  2. Attach the policy that you just created to the IAM user.

    The following video shows this process.

Launching Cloud Manager in AWS

You need to install and set up Cloud Manager so you can use it to launch ONTAP Cloud in AWS.

  1. Go to NetApp Cloud Central and sign up or log in.

  2. Under ONTAP Cloud, click Start Free Trial.

  3. Follow the prompts to deploy the Cloud Manager instance and software in AWS.

    You should keep the page open until the deployment is complete. The portal redirects you to the Cloud Manager system when it is available.

    Note If a proxy server is required for internet connectivity in the subnet, Cloud Manager prompts you to add the proxy details.

    The following video shows how to launch Cloud Manager.


Cloud Manager is now installed and set up so users can launch ONTAP Cloud instances.

Launching ONTAP Cloud in AWS

You can launch ONTAP Cloud in AWS to provide enterprise-class features for your cloud storage. You can choose a single-node configuration, or an HA pair to provide nondisruptive operations and fault tolerance in AWS.

  1. On the Working Environments page in Cloud Manager, click Create.

  2. Under Create, select ONTAP Cloud or ONTAP Cloud HA.

  3. Complete the steps in the wizard to launch the instance.

    Note the following as you complete the wizard:

    • The predefined security group includes the rules that ONTAP Cloud needs to operate successfully. If you need to use your own, refer to Security group rules.

    • The underlying AWS disk type is for the initial ONTAP Cloud volume. You can choose a different disk type for subsequent volumes.

    • The performance of AWS disks is tied to disk size. You should choose the disk size that gives you the sustained performance that you need. For details, refer to AWS Documentation: Amazon EBS Volume Types.

    • The disk size is the default size for all disks on the system.

      Tip If you need a different size later, you can use the Advanced allocation option to create an aggregate that uses disks of a specific size.

      The following video shows how to launch a single-node configuration.


Cloud Manager launches the ONTAP Cloud instance in AWS. You can track the progress in the timeline.