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Cloud Storage Automation

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The Cloud Storage Automation Report analyzes your cloud storage to show you savings opportunities, data protection enhancements, and operations that can optimize the storage associated with your AWS account. This is a beta feature.

Sample report

The following image shows a sample report:

Screenshot that shows the Cloud Storage Automation Report.

In some cases, the report enables you to take immediate action. For example, when you view the list of unattached EBS volumes or unassociated EBS snapshots, you can delete them right from Cloud Manager:

Screen shot: Shows a table of 44 EBS volumes that you can delete.

What happens when you enable the report

Cloud Manager collects information about the EC2 instances, EBS volumes, and EBS snapshots associated with your AWS account, in the region where Cloud Manager resides. AWS resources used for Cloud Volumes ONTAP are excluded. There is no performance impact on AWS resources.

When Cloud Manager collects the information, it identifies improvement opportunities by using EBS snapshots to calculate used capacity and daily usage growth predictions.

The report runs once a week, but you can initiate an immediate data collection at any time.

Required permissions

The AWS permissions required for Cloud Storage Automation are included in the Cloud Manager IAM policy. If you set up permissions correctly, then there is nothing further to do. See Granting AWS permissions for details.