This documentation is for a previous release of Cloud Manager.
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Deployment overview

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Before you get started, you might want to better understand your options for deploying OnCommand Cloud Manager and Cloud Volumes ONTAP.

Cloud Manager installation

Cloud Manager software is required to deploy and manage Cloud Volumes ONTAP. You can deploy Cloud Manager in any of the following locations:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Microsoft Azure

  • IBM Cloud

  • In your own network

How you deploy Cloud Manager depends on which location you choose:

A workflow diagram that shows how to install Cloud Manager depending on the location: For AWS, NetApp Cloud Central. For Azure, NetApp Cloud Central unless you are deploying in the Azure Gov region or Azure Germany region. In those regions, you must download and install the software on Linux host. The same is true for IBM Cloud and your own network.

Refer to the following for deploying Cloud Manager from NetApp Cloud Central:

For all other scenarios, refer to the following:

Cloud Manager setup

You might want to perform additional setup after you install Cloud Manager, such as adding additional AWS accounts, installing an HTTPS certificate, and more. For instructions, see Setting up Cloud Manager.

Cloud Volumes ONTAP deployment

After you get Cloud Manager up and running, you can start deploying Cloud Volumes ONTAP in AWS and in Microsoft Azure.

Getting started in AWS and Getting started in Azure provide instructions for getting Cloud Volumes ONTAP up and running quickly. For additional help, refer to the following: