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Monitoring AWS storage and compute costs

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You can view the cost associated with running Cloud Volumes ONTAP in AWS. The monthly cost consists of the compute purchased from AWS to run Cloud Volumes ONTAP and the disks purchased from AWS for Cloud Volumes ONTAP use.

Before you begin

The AWS payer account must meet specific billing and cost requirements and your Cloud Manager account must be associated with the AWS cost S3 bucket. For instructions, see Setting up AWS billing and cost management for Cloud Manager.

About this task

Cloud Manager updates the storage and compute costs every 12 hours. You should refer to AWS for final cost details.

  1. On the Working Environments page, select a Cloud Volumes ONTAP working environment and then click Cost.

    The Cost page displays costs for the current and previous months and shows your storage costs savings, if you enabled NetApp’s efficiency features on volumes. If the cost information is not available, verify that the Cloud Manager Admin met the prerequisites listed earlier.

    The following image shows an example of the AWS costs per month:

    Screen shot: Shows the costs per month for a Cloud Volumes ONTAP instance.

    The following image shows an example of storage cost savings:

    Screen shot: Shows the storage cost savings for a Cloud Volumes ONTAP instance.